The Summer of Rob

The summer of 2006 was known to many, or at least to me, as “The Summer of Rob”. The first three months were spent in Boston working for a small startup, enjoying one of the most vibrant cities in the US. The question that naturally arose was what to do between my time in Boston–which ended in mid August–and the start of Graduate school in mid September. Imagine my surprise when I learned that my friend Tavi from Mudd, and Prof Bassman, my research advisor, had decided to travel together in China for most of September. Tavi would be in the midst of a year-long trek through Asia, Russia, Europe, and possibly even Brazil (you can check out his Blog at ), while Prof Bassman, or “Lori”, was passing through during her Sabbatical travels ( ).

So, before long it was decided that I would join Tavi and Lori on September third in Guilin–a famous and picturesque city in south-central China–for a two-week improvised adventure to Shanghai.

This blog is my best attempt to record that trip and, if it goes well, I may even keep it up afterwards.