After studying Spanish in Guatemala, I spent thanksgiving with my two sisters, their significant others, my mom, and my sister’s daugher Hadley, in Wilmington, North Carolina. It was a great few days, and afterwards I jetted off immediately to the Bay Area for a much-awaited meditation retreat.

Meditation Retreat at IRC, Nov 28-Dec 4

I kicked off my gappaticaltirement with a wilderness meditation retreat through Impermanent Sangha in Boulder, CO. Insight meditation retreats in the US are almost always indoors, so I felt like this was a unique and appropriate way to set the tone for my upcoming European bike trip. The idea was to do five days of backpacking and hiking in the mountains near Leadville, Colorado, combind with a lot of meditation and just dwelling in nature, and to conduct […]

Colorado Wilderness Meditation Retreat

This April 3-12 I did a silent meditation retreat at the Insight Meditation Center in Barre, Massachusetts. I had done a sort of non-residential retreat in Dharamsala, India,  as well as three weekend retreats run by our awesome local meditation group (Valley Insight) and a few daylongs. At each one, I gained a lot of calmness, learned about myself, and came back to daily life with a renewed perspective. Still, everyone said that the longer retreats […]

10-Day Meditation Retreat at IMS (Barre, MA)

I’ve been in Dharamsala for a few days now, and may actually stay for at least 5 days more. I feel more serene than I think I ever have before and, with the last 2 weeks of the trip bound to be pretty crazy, I think that settling into Dharamsala for a bit might do me good. At this point, I’ve gotten pretty used to the place. Everywhere I go I see people I know—walking […]

Settling In

Dharamsala is a beautiful, relaxed, peaceful mountain town in the foothills of the himalayas. Being the home of the 14th Dalai Lama, it has a huge monastic presence. Most streets have prayer wheels which inhabitants turns as they walk by. Inside each canister are thousands of prayers, and turning a wheel is allegedly equivalent, in a karmic sense, to saying each prayer individually. Tibetan Buddhism is famous for its prayer flags (see below, rear) and […]