Yearly Archives: 2015

Since high school, I’ve had a chronic World War Two obsession. I’ve loved historical fiction movies like ‘Band of Brothers’ and ‘The Pacific,’ as well as documentaries like Ken Burns’ ‘The War’, and I’ve read tons of books like ‘With the Old Breed at Pelelieu’ and ‘Iron Coffins’. I just can’t believe the sheer size and horror of the war, or the speed with which the world changed during that period. Of course, the iconic event […]

Beaches of Normandy

Paris My four days in Paris have been wonderful-I’ve been impressed by the city and by the French in just about every way. The good parts were just as good as expected: the food, the tourist sights, and well-dressed Parisians. And, the bad parts didn’t really materialize.

Paris and Versailles

I’ve just started what I expect will be the longest trip I’ve ever taken. The plan is to take 3 months to bike across Europe on a route called Euro Velo 6, or ‘The Rivers Route’. (See the official site, or the interactive map). The 2,270 mile route is the most well-developed of the Euro Velo Routes. It follows the Loire river through France and into Germany, and then it follows the Danube out to the Black […]

Biking across Europe on Euro Velo 6

I kicked off my gappaticaltirement with a wilderness meditation retreat through Impermanent Sangha in Boulder, CO. Insight meditation retreats in the US are almost always indoors, so I felt like this was a unique and appropriate way to set the tone for my upcoming European bike trip. The idea was to do five days of backpacking and hiking in the mountains near Leadville, Colorado, combind with a lot of meditation and just dwelling in nature, and to conduct […]

Colorado Wilderness Meditation Retreat

Is it a gap year? A sabbatical? An early retirement? Well… kind of. It is what I like to call a gappaticaltirement and it’s what I’ll be doing starting this July.  I have a string of adventures that I want to do that I can’t pull off with a house and a full-time job. So, after five years of blissful homeostasis, I’ve sold the house and I’m winding down my job at Creare. In six weeks […]

Gappaticaltirement (2015-?)

This April 3-12 I did a silent meditation retreat at the Insight Meditation Center in Barre, Massachusetts. I had done a sort of non-residential retreat in Dharamsala, India,  as well as three weekend retreats run by our awesome local meditation group (Valley Insight) and a few daylongs. At each one, I gained a lot of calmness, learned about myself, and came back to daily life with a renewed perspective. Still, everyone said that the longer retreats […]

10-Day Meditation Retreat at IMS (Barre, MA)