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Last night I crossed over from France to Switzerland. I was in France for around 1200km (740 miles), which is about a third of the length of Euro Velo 6. It took me about three and a half weeks to do it, but I sped up  as time went on. I now average about 90km a day. At that pace, it will take another 25 days of biking to finish, and it will take even […]

Au revoir, France! One country down, nine more to go.

A few days ago, I rode with Dee to Paris to return her bike so she could fly back to the US. I am so glad that she was able to join me for those 2 weeks–we’ve always wanted to do a long bike trip together, and the Loire Valley was the perfect setting. The roads were safe, the hills were manageable, and the towns and chateaus were beautiful. It was great to have someone […]

Leaving the Loire Valley and saying good-bye to Dee

Today I (Dee) am guest posting about my experience biking with Rob for the first two weeks of his trip! So far we’ve traveled from St. Nazaire to Amboise; we’re splurging and spending the night in a little bed and breakfast in Poce sur Cisse, France, which is a 4km bike ride from the main city. Today we plan to go into town to check out the chateau and Da Vinci’s last residence after a […]

The Day I Became A Real Cyclist

The bike trip is going strong. The scenery is beautiful, the path is well-signed and safe, and we are gorging ourselves on French cuisine. We are now 7 days in, which is nearing the halfway point of Dee’s visit with me. We are starting to pick up speed as we get used to the bikes and as we get better at managing our camping gear, and within a few days we should be in the […]

La Loire a Velo: St. Nazaire to Angers (France)

Since high school, I’ve had a chronic World War Two obsession. I’ve loved historical fiction movies like ‘Band of Brothers’ and ‘The Pacific,’ as well as documentaries like Ken Burns’ ‘The War’, and I’ve read tons of books like ‘With the Old Breed at Pelelieu’ and ‘Iron Coffins’. I just can’t believe the sheer size and horror of the war, or the speed with which the world changed during that period. Of course, the iconic event […]

Beaches of Normandy

Paris My four days in Paris have been wonderful-I’ve been impressed by the city and by the French in just about every way. The good parts were just as good as expected: the food, the tourist sights, and well-dressed Parisians. And, the bad parts didn’t really materialize.

Paris and Versailles