Monthly Archives: October 2014

 We’re back in beautiful New Hampshire again, and as always I’ve fallen behind in my blog while tending to last-minute logistics. However, the last few days weren’t any less fun than the first ones. We decided to take a break from the constant planning and navigating by going on an official bus tour from Galway. Of course, we also had to compete with the ten thousand other tourists whose bus tours were following the exact […]

Closing out the UK Trip

PART I As in any extended trip, we have had some moments of travail during our travel. The first of these was our attempt to bike the 42 kilometer Greenway from Achill to Westport, Ireland. Reviews of this trip described rolling green hills, a car-free path from town to town, and views of the Irish coastline. We even found that electric bikes were available to make the considerable length (~30 miles) do-able. The night before […]

The Day(s) of Disaster (Guest Posting by Dee)

SLIGO, IRELAND (Note that I’m posting this a month or two after I wrote it…) The ferry from Holyhead, Wales to Dublin, Ireland seemed more like a repurposed cruise ship than what I picture as a ferry. It had 11 separate levels, one of which was filled mostly by private cabins with beds. It had a cinema, several cafeterias, a small casino, and of course numerous bars. Most of its levels were used to store […]

Sligo, Ireland