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After our ~17 hour overnight bus ride from Salta to Mendoza, we spent a lot of time walking around town and jogging in the park. It had a bit of the cultured wine-country feel of Napa, as well as a bit of a bigger-city night life feel. View from a running path in a park in Mendoza, AR The next morning, we took what was supposed to be a 7-hour bus ride over the Andes […]


Spanish class is over, and it was incredibly helpful. I don’t think we actually covered any material that I hadn’t seen before in my Rassias classes. But, my ability to string together a sentence, and especially my listening comprehension, have improved far more than I’d ever hoped. This is my first time experiencing what it’s like to understand someone speaking in another language, let alone be able to do it myself. It’s just as cool […]

The Northwest

As my time in Buenos Aires draws to an end, I’ll share a few of the more suprising things I’ve learned about the city. Specifically, I’m talking about the relatively wealthy, built-up, upper-middle-class area where we’ve lived this week (Palermo), as well as the neighborhoods surrounding downtown. As of yet, I have almost no experience in the suburbs or poorer neighborhoods, nor anywhere else in the country. But, many people (such as American expats or […]

Buenos Aires

So, moving from the hostel to the apartment: Best Idea Ever. It’s a bit more expensive than the hostel, but way less than a decent hotel room, and it’s much nicer than either of them. We’re located in the heart of Palermo, just steps from a Subte station, and (for better or worse) directly across from a McDonalds, Starbucks, Burger King, and TGIFriday’s. It’s a full-fledged 1bd apartment with a kitchen, fridge, two cable TVs, […]

Fairly Settled

After meeting on Saturday morning and spending most of the day getting our bearings, George and I spent Sunday exploring Buenos Aires. We are still constantly surprised by safe, efficient, and “European” the city is. Even late at night, young women don’t seem to worry about being out alone. There are families and even community activities all over the city long past when I go to bed. We spent some time exploring the central downtown […]

Getting to know Buenos Aires better

So, my previous few attempts at blogging about my travels have been pretty unsuccessful. So, I’ll try to keep this one current by keeping the entries short… Today was the first day of my two-week trip to Argentina with my close friend from college, George Malikov. George is taking a multi-month trip through South America before he starts grad school, and I’m joining him for his Argentina stretch. We have almost no plan, but we’ve […]

First Day in Buenos Aires