Monthly Archives: June 2010

The last 20 minutes of the plane flight into Delhi, we were encapsulated in a thick yellow-gray smog. Delhi is in the middle of an epic heat wave, is enduring a 3-year drought, and is in the midst of an unusual sandstorm. The air smells alternately like death and curry. I nearly got scammed by a taxi driver at the airport (even the police were in on it), but soon met a fellow traveler (Karen) […]

OMG, What have I gotten myself into?

I was lucky enough to find  a cheap ticket on Virgin Atlnatic. In between consecutive 10-hr planeflights, I had a 11-hr stopover in London. I rushed out through their very agreeable customs and boarded the Piccadilly line towards Cockfosters (“Cawk-Fahstehs”). I wisely alighted the train downtown, being sure to mind the gap (a phrase which I thought was annoying until I saw the size of the gap on the London underground—who built this thing?) I […]


I accepted a job in New Hampshire and finally have a concrete plan, so I’m now off to India. I left on Tuesday 6/1, and I’ll be back on 7/1. First off, I had to ship all of my stuff to Pennsylvania. Neither the post office, nor the people standing behind me in line, were thrilled about this choice. But hey, it was about 80% cheaper than using a moving company. My plan is to […]

En Route