Daily Archives: June 29, 2010

As Rob posted the Taj Mahal was amazing if you can get past the heat and the hustlers.  The moment we exited the train we were accosted by people at every turn trying to sell us something or scam us into paying twelve times the amount that it costs a native. The only saving grace was that Rob spent 200 rupees, (the equivalent to 4 US dollars) on a tour guide.  He really made the […]

If hell is 120 degrees in Delhi, Agra is the ...

Udaipur is normally called India’s most romantic city. Normally, though, the picture above would be of a beautiful white palace seeming to float on a serene desert lake. As you can tell, the palace was more “heavily sitting” than floating, and the “lake” was more of a “giant swampy mud-plain”. Still, we loved Udaipur. It was hassle-free, clean, and full of history. During our stay, we even braved the 105 degree heat to visit the […]


India has a great train system. The train are super-fast, and you can go most of the way across the country on a single overnight train. Unfortunately, they are booked months in advance and, even with a “foreign tourist quota” and the several schemes designed to accommodate last-minute travel, many tourists vacations are determined simply by what train tickets are available. Hence, Jaclyn and I had to give up on some of our more ambitious […]

The Taj Mahal