Daily Archives: June 22, 2010

This post is an excerpt from Jaclyn’s travel diary: ————– Delhi was like nothing I had ever imagined. Imagine being in  120 degree heat, surrounded by rude Indian men, and basically being accosted for sales at every turn. By the way, where we stayed at Delhi was under construction, so it literally looked like a war-torn country that had just had a 12.0 earthquake. When we arrived at the hotel, I met Rob’s friend from […]

Hell is 120 degrees in Delhi

Jaclyn finally made it to Delhi (albeit a day late) after some frustrating visa problems and a missed flight. In the meantime, I had taken an awesome tour of Delhi street life called “Street Walk”. It was run by the Salaam Baalak trust, which aims to provide education and shelter for the thousands of homeless “street kids” in Delhi. Our two guides were both former street kids themselves: One guide had run away because of […]

Delhi “Street Kid” Tour