Daily Archives: April 10, 2010

Taking Highway 40 was an excellent choice. The lame thing about driving cross country in a car, with a dog, is that it’s much harder to meet people than with public transportation. Plus, I can’t stay in hostels (no dogs) or do anything that means leaving the car for more than a couple of hours. But, taking less-traveled roads means (1) seeing restaurants, etc. that aren’t attached to oversized gas stations, (2) actually being able […]

Hwy 40 and Denver

I was really excited about Salt Lake City. I figured, since these people don’t drink, smoke, or seemingly do any of the things that take up most of the energy of a big city, they must have lots of fun non-bar stuff to do. It turns out that, in fact, they just spend most of their energy building temples and trying to convert you. Plus, everything has a generally creepy vibe to it. However, I […]

Salt Lake City