Daily Archives: September 14, 2006

(( Many pictures to come as soon as I remember to bring the camera cord to the internet cafe. )) Yangshuo must be one of the most touristy towns in China. It seemed to have no other majory industry, and most of the downtown consisted of gift shops, restaurants, travel agents, and small inns. In short, Yangshuo was perfect for our first few days in China–a quaint, easily manageable town that served as a jumping-off […]

Sept 4 – Geocaching in Yangshuo

Stepping off into the Guilin airport, and characteristically missing my bus, I tried to ignore the filth I’d acquired 24 hours of mass transit. Guilin is small by Chinese standards–under 700,000 people live in the city proper. In typical Chinese fashion, however, the population is densely concentrated and, it would seem, all riding their bicycles, at once, in the same intersection. I must have looked helpless, because within minutes of getting off of the bus, […]

Sept 3: Guangxhou -> Guilin